When customers come to you looking for a trailer, we want to help you show them the benefits of purchasing a Midsota Trailer, whether the Midsota series, NOVA series or VersaDump. Let’s take a look at a few things you can talk about with them you may not have thought of yet.

If you ever have any questions, give us a call.

Midsota HV Series VersaDump Trailer in orange.

1. Varied Options

With Midsota trailers, your customers have a ton of options to choose from. As you’re speaking with them, listen closely to see if they’ve had problems with previous trailers that a certain model may be able to solve for them.

For instance, if they’re in the market for a dump trailer, perhaps they’ve had a problem with a manufacturer not offering or following through with a warranty before. Assure them we have an awesome 5-year warranty.

If they’re worried about weight capacity, we offer axle upgrades for almost every model.

If they need to load equipment with materials, the FFRD and HS series are both great options, with the HS featuring the side dump.

There’s really something for everybody, once you know what they’re looking for!

2. Quality Construction

Quality welds. Strong construction. Midsota trailers are built to last. If a customer is at all concerned over the strength of the construction of our trailers, feel free to invite them to crawl in, on, over or under the trailer. We’re sure after they’ve taken a look at the care we put into our trailers that they’ll agree, these trailers are built tough.

3. NOVA Series

For general homeowner use, nothing beats our NOVA series. Keep the NOVAs in mind for snowmobilers, car and motorcycle transporters, and general-duty landscaping. These trailers are built strong, but also for ease of use by non-professionals.