4 Special Utility Trailers From Midsota You Don’t Want To Miss

Midsota dump trailers are known for their strength and versatility. You may know a number of our trailers by sight and name. But do you know about our specialty utility trailers?

From farm dumps to snowmobile trailers, our utility trailers can fill a number of different niches for you or your customers. Let’s take a deeper look, and give us a call if we can help in any way!

Midsota/NOVA Utility Trailers

1. Midsota UT Series

Our Midsota UT series comes in a wide range of sizes and in both single and tandem axle models. With a 4”x2” tube frame and 2”x8” treated pine decking, this trailer can handle a load and still stand tall!

A 5-year warranty guarantees this trailer will be rolling on its 15” radials for years, and multiple gate options give your clients a lot to choose from!

2. Midsota Mini Dump

Our Midsota mini dump trailer is an amazing utility trailer no matter where you are: farm, construction site or around your property. There is only one version of this trailer, but it does come with a few options and can of course be customized!

Torsion axles make it ideal for applications where it will be jostled constantly, like throwing wood or rock into.

3. NOVA Snow Series

The NOVA snow series comes in a number of different sizes and can hold 1-4 snowmobiles depending on your needs. With 3,500 lbs. Dexter torsion axles, ¾” treated plywood deck, aluminum ski tie-downs, aluminum slide-out rear ramps and an option aluminum salt shield, these snowmobiles will be riding in style!

4. NOVA UT Series

With single and tandem axle models, the NOVA UT series of trailers is a highly versatile utility trailer. Lengths range from 8’-18’ and widths include 62”, 77” and 83”.

The decking is 2”x8” treated pine and it has 13” tall 14 gauge sides, and you can also get side ATV ramps to compliment the rear ramp if you’d like. From ATVs to lawnmowers to anything you can think of, the NOVA UT series is ready to go!