5 Awesome Ways Midsota Trailers Are A Step Above The Competition

Midsota Manufacturing has always been striving to make the best trailers possible, devising new designs, adding custom options and proving extremely responsive customer service and dealer support.

Here are a few specific ways Midsota trailers works to stay ahead of the competition.

Flat-Bed Trailer from Midsota.

1. Online Warranty Registration

We’ve recently implemented an industry-leading online warranty registration. Not many other trailer manufacturers – or manufacturers in general – have this option. It makes it quick and easy for customers to register their Midsota trailers and tires, or for the dealer to help them through the process.

2. Large, Effective Dealer Network

We believe in partnering with dealers to provide Midsota trailers everywhere they’re needed. We’ve created an amazing network of more than 100 dealers across the breadth and width of the North American continent.

3. Excellent Reviews

It’s hard to trust a place without great reviews, and one place we really stand out is with our awesome reviews! Amazing customers were kind enough to leave us these great testimonials, and we know they make a difference because new customers often mention the good reviews they’ve read to us.

4. Long History, Bright Future

Midsota Manufacturing started as a welding company in neighboring Albany, Minnesota in 1971. Through the years, Midsota has grown and changed, expanding and moving buildings a number of times, most recently in 2014.

With an excellent local workforce and continent-wide sales, Midsota will be manufacturing trailers for decades to come while still staying true to small town roots.

5. Amazing Trailers

From dump trailers to tilt beds, flatbeds and deckovers to utility trailers, Midsota Manufacturing has masterful creations for you to order or stock. With the NOVA and VersaDump lines alongside our branded Midsota trailers, there’s no shortage of add-ons and custom options for your next trailer!