5 Highly-Effective Snow Skid-Steer Attachments From Midsota

Finding an excellent skid-steer attachment for dealing with snow is a must in the North. From Minnesota to North Carolina, Oregon to New Jersey, Midsota snow skid-steer attachments are the best choice to get you through the winter!

Check out five of our highly-effective and impeccably designed snow skid-steer attachments below, and get in touch soon!

1. Angle Broom

The angle broom is the perfect choice for sweeping dirt, powdery snow and ice chunks out of your path. With the ability to quickly attach and detach from the skid-steer, this is a perfect addition to your snow arsenal.

Standard features include a rotation angle of 27° and a flow rate of 15-25 gallons-per-minute.

Midsota Skidsteer Angle Broom Attachment

2. Hydraulic Blade/Pusher Combo

The hydraulic blade/pusher combo is a highly effective and adaptable skid-steer attachment. With straight and angled positions, a blade height of 31”, moldboard thickness of 3/16″ (7 Gauge) and a bolt-on cutting edge of 5/8″x8″, you’ll be cutting through ice and snow in no time.

3. Snow Pusher

They’ll call you “Mr. Plow” with a Midsota snow pusher on your skid-steer! Designed to move snow up to five times faster than a traditional snow blade, this pusher is one-of-a-kind.

Standard features include a pusher depth of 51”, height of 40-3/4″, oscillation of +/- 4° and rubber cutting edge of 1.5″x10”.

4. Snowblower

Battle blizzards with the best: a Midsota snowblower! With a paddle-style auger, you’ll easily chew through any type of snow.

Standard features include an overall depth of 47.9”, cutting height of 28”, fan diameter of 24”, fan depth of 8” and throwing distance of 30-40’.

5. Large Capacity Snow Bucket

Save time. Save money. Get back inside where it’s warm. With a large capacity snow bucket from Midsota, you can move huge amounts of snow quickly, to make sure paths are clear and you’re back inside before you know it.

Standard features include a bucket back angle of 62°, bucket back support channel with a 5″x3″ angle and 1/4″ thickness throughout, skin thickness of 3/16″ (7 Gauge), cutting edge of 5/8″x6″ and under bucket skids of 5/8″x4″

Get in touch with our skid-steer attachment experts to customize your new snow attachment!