How To Choose The Right Size Skid Steer Attachment

Finding the right skid steer attachment for the job isn’t just about choosing the right tool – it’s about considering what you’ll be doing exactly, what machine you’ll be using to do it, and what the tool is truly made of. At Midsota Manufacturing, we try our best to help guide you through these decisions, but ultimately the choice is up to you.

Here we’ve gathered our best advice for choosing skid steer attachments. Let us know if you have any questions at all!

Consider The Job

When trying to figure out which skid steer attachment size is right, it’s important to look at the work you’re trying to accomplish. To clear a huge, straight driveway of snow, a 120” of large capacity snow bucket is just the ticket! But if you’re going to need to clear some smaller spaces which require maneuvering, you may want to choose the 72” snow bucket.

The same concept applies to grapples. With too small of a grapple, you’ll end up making more trips back and forth with materials. But too large of a grapple may be unwieldy and unable to pick up the piece you want to move. You may also consider the materials that are being dealt with. Our General Duty Grapples work great for lighter materials, while our Industrial Grapple will hold up to heavier, harder materials such as digging up rocks, concrete, and debris.

Consider The Machine

You know your machine better than anyone else. Your skid steer operating capacity will help inform your decision about the right size skid steer attachment.

For instance, if your skid steer is rated for an 1,800 lbs. Capacity, a nearly 900 lbs. industrial grapple won’t leave you much weight left to lift – you’ll probably want to choose a smaller grapple so you don’t overload your machine. Also know the flow rate of your machine. All our attachments will come using Standard Flow. High Flow is available on a select few, so please call for details.

If you don’t know your skid steer’s operating capacity, consult your owner’s manual or skid steer dealer. One of our friendly sales staff can also assist you.

Consider The Skid Steer Attachment

Lastly, be sure to check out the specifications of the skid steer attachment you’re looking at. In our Rock Fork and Heavy Duty Grapples, you’ll see we use T-1 steel for the teeth. We also use fully forged, heat treated cutting edges on all our Bucket Attachments.

Contact us today with additional questions or to learn more about our skid steer attachments!