Landscaping Tools From Midsota Manufacturing

Landscaping tools can be anything from augers, to blades, to trenchers and power rakes. No matter what kind of yard work you need done, Midsota Manufacturing has the landscaping tools you need to do it right.

Take a look at some of the landscaping tools we have available below, head to our website to learn more, or contact us today to have us help find the right landscaping tools for you!

Landscaping Tools



Hook-up our auger drive to your skidsteer, and you’ll have a good looking fence post digger! Our auger drive at Midsota Manufacturing comes with planetary gear reduction, which equally distributes the load among the gears, delivering a dependable high-torque output. The drive can operate at low speeds as well as in reverse. Weighing in at 350 lbs., this is a great landscaping tool.


The bits for our auger drive are designed for both difficult and moderate ground conditions. All auger bits are 48” long, and range in diameter from 6-36”.


Landscape Blade

These multi-purpose landscaping tools is the ideal solution for any number of leveling projects. It can cut, cultivate, grade, level and can cover a wide area in a short amount of time. The cutting edge is ⅝” x 6”

Tree Spade

With our tree spade landscaping tools, you can easily remove large bushes and small trees for transplantation while maximizing the plant’s safety. The blade’s depth is 36”, and the edges are machine beveled.



Our trencher skidsteer attachment is a favorite among our landscaping tools. It’s great for laying piping, lighting or electrical conduits underground. Dig depths range from 36-60”

Rotary Tiller

When preparing gardens, food plots or seed beds, our rotary tiller line of landscaping tools are a great choice. With a 6” tilling depth, and a 66-80” tilling width, this tiller gets the job done right, in no time.

Power Rake

Get back to the job at hand quickly with Midsota Manufacturing’s power rake! With a width of 72-90”, this rake can grade, level and remove debris with no issues.

Check out our amazing landscaping tools today, and contact us for more information!