Trailer Spotlight: Tilt Bed Trailers

At Midsota Manufacturing, we’re devoted to creating hard working trailers. We’ll focus specifically on our tilt bed trailers in this post, but no matter what kind of Midsota trailer you get, it’ll serve you well for years to come.

We’ve been in the trailer business for nearly five decades. We work hard to make sure your trailer works exceptionally well for your needs and will serve you well for years to come. We’ve been a leader in trailer innovation for decades, and want to bring that service to you with our tilt bed trailers.

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NOVA Tilt Bed Trailer Key Features

At Midsota Manufacturing, we build NOVA tilt bed trailers for your custom needs. You can customize your tilt trailer in a number of ways. Most NOVA tilt bed trailers can:

  • be up to about 12’-22’ in length;
  • have up to about 7,700-15,400 pound capacity; and,
  • have a power tilt.

Midsota Tilt Bed Trailer Key Features

At Midsota Manufacturing, we also offer a wide range of trailers for niche uses. These can be customized. We offer the:

  • Midsota TB Series, a heavy-duty tilt bed equipment trailer with a GVWR of 15,400-23,100 pounds and lengths of 16’-24’;
  • Midsota FBT-BP Series, a deckover heavy-duty tilt bed trailer with a GVWR of 21,000-25,990 pounds and lengths of 24’-36’; and,
  • Midsota TB-SA Series, a single axle tilt bed trailer with a GVWR of 5,200-7,000 pounds and lengths of 12’-14’.

Tilt Bed Trailers From Midsota Manufacturing

Midsota tilt bed trailers series are built to last. Around 100 dealers across North America know Midsota means high-quality, long-lasting commercial-grade tilt bed trailers for their customers.

Our quality craftsmanship shines through every individual part of our trailers, from the self-adjusting electric brakes on our wheels to the standard steel or poly toolboxes; from the flooring to the Dexter axles. Our experienced service and sales coordinators can help you find the exact tilt trailer you need.

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