Fall 2019 is coming fast! We’ve got the best landscaping tools for fall right on our website, ready for you and your clients to learn more about. Chop up debris, gather it, lift it, and move it with this amazing set of five tools.

Increase your efficiency and get the job done before the snow starts flying this fall!

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5 Best Landscaping Tools For Fall 2019

1. Brush Cutter

Any dense brush that has grown over the summer can easily be taken down with our amazing brush cutter! An ideal attachment for your skid-steer, this landscaping tool can cut bushes and small trees up to 4” in diameter. With a smooth underside to prevent buildup and a shaft protector to prevent wire wrapping, this will be the easiest brush cutting you’ve ever done.

Midsota Brush Cutter in black.

2. Tree Puller

For those medium-sized trees and bushes the brush cutter can’t take down for you, check out our tree puller landscaping tool for fall! The tree puller is also made to handle fence posts, and with an 11.5” diameter jaw opening, you should be able to handle almost anything out there! The single hydraulic cylinder housing protects it from debris.

3. Power Rake

Now that you have a bunch of brush laying down, rake it up with our power rake! Grade, level and rake up debris all with this one attachment. Carbide-tipped teeth make it durable, and solid-urethane filled tires help it stand up to lots of use.

4. Utility Bucket

After gathering all the debris up, lift it high with our huge utility bucket! Suitable for both dense and bulk material, the utility bucket can hold .65-.91 cubic yards heaped depending on the size you choose.

5. Utility Trailer

Where are you going to dump that utility bucket? Into one of our utility trailers! Haul it out with our Midsota UT Series or our NOVA UT Series. These trailers and made to get the job done.