Winter is coming, and you should act like the King in the North. For safety, curb appeal, and getting back to what you really need to be doing, choose Midsota Manufacturing’s skid-steer snow attachments for your Winter 2020.

1. Angle Broom – King Of Sidewalk Clearing

When you need sidewalks cleared fast, especially in a commercial setting where safety is paramount, MIdsota’s angle broom is second-to-none. With a 60-90” width, it can tackle any size sidewalk or driveway you need to be swept. Keep clients safe, and get back to what you need to do quickly.

Skid-steer with snowblower attachment from Midsota Manufacturing.

2. Snow Blower – 88 Of Perfection

First snow of the year? Sure. Christmas snowstorm? Easy. January blizzard? No problem. The Midsota Manufacturing snowblower is 88” of perfection, ready to clear any driveway at a rate of 16-25 GPM. Clear the way.

3. Snow Pusher – Gangway

The fastest pusher in the west – or east, north, and even the south – is the Midsota Manufacturing snow pusher. Designed to move your snow 5X faster than a traditional snow blade, snow will never see this thing coming.

4. Hydraulic Blade/Pusher Combo – Get Out Of Dodge

For tight corners, narrow sections of sidewalk, and just plain ol’ weird spaces, the hydraulic blade/pusher combo from Midsota Manufacturing is the best choice. This variable pusher allows for a wide variety of angled positions to get that snow out of dodge.

5. Hydraulic Angle Snow Blade – Excalibur

Push it to the left. Push it to the right. Blade it all together we got snow piled so high. The hydraulic angle snow blade from Midsota Manufacturing has side-to-side oscillation to follow the contour of any surface and +/- 30° angle in either direction.

6. Large Capacity/Snow Bucket – Ice Bucket Challenge

Lift it high, dump it low, whatever you need to do with your snow, get it down with Midsota Manufacturing’s large capacity/snow bucket. Up to 121” if width to do the most carrying possible in one load. The largest size has a 1.66 struck cubic yard capacity to get the snow away from where you don’t want it, and right where you need it.