Check Out Our New 2020 TB Series Tilt Bed Trailer

You expect Midsota trailers to be the best. But we’ve updated one of our best trailers this July, and you’ll never believe your eyes. As of July 1, we’ve released the 2020 TB Series Tilt Bed Trailer!

Let’s learn more about what you can do with it, and how it’s been upgraded from the previous version.

New 2020 TB Series Tilt Bed Trailer

Our knife-edge is always great for getting machinery onto the tilt bed, but wouldn’t it be great to use that extra space for carrying capacity? Now you can!

The 2020 TB Series Tilt Bed Trailer lets you utilize the 24” knife edge for load-bearing, meaning you can use every inch of this trailer! The standard tilting bed length is now 16’!

Another huge benefit will be in added width. We’ve extended the tilting bed width to the full 83”, making the entire bed 83” wide! This was made possible by attaching the fenders to the tilting bed frame, with extra support added to the rear of the fenders.

Come check out our new trailers in person, or get in touch with staff to learn more.

2020 TB Series Tilt Bed Trailer, tilted and pulled behind white Chevy pickup on the sand.

2020 TB Series Tilt Bed Trailers From Midsota Manufacturing

Midsota tilt bed trailers series are built to last. Around 100 dealers across North America know Midsota means high-quality, long-lasting commercial-grade tilt bed trailers for their customers.

Our quality craftsmanship shines through every individual part of our trailers, from the self-adjusting electric brakes on our wheels to the standard steel or poly toolboxes; from the flooring to the Dexter axles. Our experienced service and sales coordinators can help you find the exact tilt trailer you need.

Get in touch with our trailer experts to customize your new tilt bed trailer!

2020 TB Series Tilt Bed Trailer, showing the bed, tilted, on the sand.
2020 TB Series Tilt Bed Trailer, flat, showing knife edge, in a parking lot.