Partnerships Are Vital To The Best Trailer Manufacturers

The best trailer manufacturers partner with the best suppliers and associations. At Midsota Manufacturing, we trust in our suppliers and associations to get us the components or supplies we need, and provide us with key training and certification. At the association level, we also give back, hosting training for other manufacturers and dealers across North America.

Midsota Manufacturing believes in reciprocity and community.

Partnerships Are Vital To The Best Trailer Manufacturers

North American Trailer Dealer Association (NATDA)

NATDA is the professional business association covering the U.S. and Canada that serves light and medium duty trailer dealers. Founded in 2007, NATDA finds strength in numbers, and so do we. 

Through NATDA, we receive and host dealership training, webinars, dealer success groups, and participate in the annual NATDA trailer show. We’ve also been featured in the NATDA Magazine, which is published six times a year.

NATDA - North American Trailer Dealers Association - logo

National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM)

NATM is the association for trailer manufacturers who build light-and-medium-duty trailers under 26,000 lbs. GVWR. Found in 1987, membership has grown from just 5 initial manufacturers to 500 worldwide.

Through NATM, we receive excellent safety training and educational events, while we also help to host those trainings and events for our dealers. Through NATM, our trailers are certified in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and industry best practices. We also participate in the NATM Convention & Trade Show, and have been featured in the Tracks Magazine.

NATM - National Association of Trailer Manufacturers - logo

PPG Paints

To protect our trailers from the elements and give them a beautiful finish, we trust PPG Paints. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, PPG is the guardian we want between our trailer and the elements.

Since 1883, PPG has been supplying the world with their paints, including specifically for industrial applications like ours.

AZZ Galvanized Coatings

AZZ has been in business since 1956, providing the world with a number of solutions in energy, manufacturing and more. 

For Midsota Manufacturing, we trust them with our galvanization process. To protect our trailers, some are galvanized, which applies a coating of zinc to our steel. Zinc actual corrodes 30 times slower than steel, protecting our trailers much longer.

AZZ Galvanized Coatings Logo

Lippert Axles

Lippert Axles is based in Indiana, and provides us with the axles, brakes, and other parts we need to make the best trailers.

We trust Lippert for sprung and torsion axles, along with brakes, drums, and other suspension parts.