Skidsteer Attachment Overview

At Midsota Manufacturing, our team has been forming steel into high-quality skidsteer attachments and trailers for more than 30 years. At our headquarters and through dealers around the nation we have full-lines of skidsteer attachments which will get the job done for you, day in and day out.

All of our skidsteer attachments have a variety of options to choose from, allowing you to customize them to your exact needs. At Midsota, we make skidsteer attachments for the person who demands the best out of their equipment, all day, every day. Contact us with any questions, or to find a dealer near you!

Skidsteer Attachments


Our buckets come in three specializations: snow, dirt and utility. They will never let you down, and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, whether it’s excavating, landscaping, construction or snow and ice removal.

Bale Spears

We’re based in an agricultural area, so we know farming. We offer both round and square bale spear skidsteer attachments with multiple prong options.


Whatever you need to grab onto we have the skidsteer attachments you need! We offer single– and dual-cylinder fork and bucket grapples, root grapples, and grapples for industrial applications.


Our forks cover multiple disciplines: the pallet fork is a terrific tool for commercial and farming operations; the rock fork is excellent at sifting through soil for rock picking; and, the manure fork has a low profile so you can see exactly what you’re picking up.

Landscaping Tools

At Midsota Manufacturing, we have a huge variety of landscaping tools for skidsteer attachments. From blades to power rakes, rotary tillers to trenchers, tree spades, augers bits, drives and machine movers. Don’t miss out on skidsteer attachments which could drastically reduce your workload!

Brush Cutter

Cut down trees, brush, unwanted weeds and grass with Midsota’s brush cutter! With a options of 60” or 72”, you’ll be making serious tracks with this cutter. Our brush cutter can take down trees up to 4” in diameter.


If a blizzard is headed your way (and at least in Minnesota, that’s more often than not), you’ll want to take a look through our snow series of skidsteer attachments. Our snowblower cuts 28” high with a width up to 89”. Our snow pusher can move snow 5 times faster than a traditional snow blade with a width between 90”-122.5”. The Midsota hydraulic blade/pusher combo gives you the best of both worlds, with a center which pushes and adjustable side blades for maximum snow removal. And our angle broom quickly attaches to your skidsteer to push snow, dirt and other unwanted debris out of the way.

Hydra-Shredder Bale Processor

Midsota Manufacturing’s hydra-shredder bale processor shreds high-moisture baleage bales into your TMR or feed bunk. With three augers and a depth of 66”, this shredder gets the job done. Check out the video too!