At Midsota Manufacturing, we’re proud to design and manufacture all of our trailers in the U.S.A., specifically in the small town of Avon, Minnesota. For us, this is core to our being, and we’ll keep making trailers this way forever.

There are a ton of economic and social benefits to manufacturing trailers in the U.S.A., and to buying American-made products. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Job Creation

No matter what product it is, buying something made in America is a way of keeping money in American households. At Midsota Manufacturing, we’re proud to employ more than 75 highly skilled, loyal employees from Central Minnesota. Each one of them is supported by your purchases of our trailers, which allows them to feed and clothe their families and buy other products which are made in America.

2. Reduced Emissions

From raw material shipping to getting the products where they need to be, an ocean is an inconvenient thing and causes much more pollution than transporting within a nation or continent.

At Midsota Manufacturing, we’re proud that our products are shipped directly to you on the backs of American trucks, having been designed and built right here. This means our carbon footprint is much lower than it could be.

Besides shipping, manufacturers overseas don’t follow the same pollution control policies that we do.

3. Safe & Fair Working Conditions

Also overseas, safety precautions are not as well enforced or laid out, which can result in injured workers or child/forced labor.

4. High Quality Products

At Midsota Manufacturing, this is key. Our ability to control the quality of our trailers stems from our ability to control the design and manufacturing process from start to finish, tracking what goes into each trailer and how the work was accomplished.

Each trailer undergoes several different inspections throughout the entire manufacturing process. With our strict quality control system we can guarantee the same experience for each customer.

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