You’ve already picked out the perfect trailer for the job. Hopefully a Midsota trailer. But what supplies should you get for your new trailer?

Luckily, we have the perfect, all-inclusive list of ‘extras’ you may need as you use your trailer, both for simplicity and safety. After your trailer purchase, these are the next things you should consider buying and adding on.

What Supplies Should I Get For My New Midsota Trailer?

1. Spare Tire / Spare Tire Carrier

You never know when you’ll need a spare tire, and the time to get one is long before you need it.

What…what’s that? Oh, we offer a spare tire and carrier as an option on many of our trailers? Well, there you go! Before you even complete your purchase you can scratch “Spare Tire” off your list!

2. Battery Charging Systems

While those trailers which need them come with our standard, integrated fused charging system with indicator module, we do have upgrades available which may be useful in certain situations!

Our 7-watt industrial solar charger uses the photovoltaic power of the Sun to charge your battery, saving your vehicle battery life and providing power anytime you need it.

Our 4-amp on-board battery charger is still powered by your vehicle, but plugs into a 110V outlet rather than being wired in. Depending on your needs, this might be the right battery charging system for you!

3. Tie-Down & Straps

All of our Midsota Trailers come with D-Ring tie-downs for securing your loads, as well as rub rails and stake pockets. But, if you need something extra, we also have weld-on stake pockets, optional pallet fork holders, roll tarp systems, and drop-leg load stands!

4. & More

Whatever you need, the parts department at Midsota has a huge inventory to make sure that your job goes off without a hitch!