Hydraulic Dump Trailers

The Midsota brand of commercial-grade trailers from Midsota Manufacturing is an amazing set of models. These commercial-grade, heavy-duty trailers are built to last and come with a 5-year frame warranty.

Our quality craftsmanship shines through every individual part of our trailers, from the self-adjusting electric brakes on our wheels to the standard steel or poly toolboxes; from the multiple gate options to the Lippert spring axles.

Midsota is high-quality.


The Midsota series of dump trailers has a wide range of options so you have a full line-up to choose from here at Midsota Manufacturing or at any of our around 100 dealers across the continent

A quick run-down of the Midsota dump trailer series includes: mini-dumpers with single axle (2,000 gross vehicle weight rating) or tandem (4,000 GVW); farm dump off-road series (7,200-20,000 pound capacity); side-dump series (15,400-23,100 GVW); combination flat-front rear-dump trailers (15,400-23,100 GVW); the HVO series commercial-grade dump-trailer with 24-inch tall sides (15,400-23,100 GVW); and the HV series commercial-grade dump-trailer with 24-inch tall sides (15,400-23,100 GVW).

HV-14 Dump Trailer with Popular Options


Hydraulic Dump Models