Why Midsota


Solid Construction
• Over 50 Years of manufacturing the best built, best buy in the trailer industry.
• A 5 Year Limited Frame Warranty on ALL Midsota™ Brand Trailers!
• Trailers are engineered and built to be the most durable and highest quality in the industry.
• Tubular steel frame standard on most models. Tubing prevents twisting and low bed heights.
• Heavy-duty steel construction – 3/16” one piece floor and 1/8” sides standard on most models.
• Full seam welding inside the bed, no stitch welds or gaps.
• Poly Lube greaseless pivot points with chrome pivot pin! No grease required EVER!
• More trailer options than any other manufacturer and custom trailers that are only limited by the customer’s dreams!

Scissor Hoist
• Stronger and more durable than single hydraulic cylinders or telescoping cylinders.
• Mechanical Advantage: Raises the load faster with less pressure.
• Stability: The hoist lifts from the center of the load with more evenly distributed lifting strength to dump uneven loads
or on uneven terrain.
• Less maintenance and less hydraulic hose that could fail than running two independent cylinders.
• Standard equipment: Other companies offer a scissor hoist as a more expensive upgrade.

Electrical System
• LED lights (lifetime warranty) First manufacturer in the industry to use as standard lights!
• Lights are mounted in protective boxes using rubber grommets.
• System includes a “state of the art” power distribution circuit board. Specifically designed for
our trailers.
• Electrical circuits fused in the trailer
• Modular wiring harnesses designed for each trailer. Connections use rubber plugs no splices to fail.
• Sealed Wiring: Modular wiring is run inside of the tube frame with access panels. Look under the trailer and the only
place you see wires is where they connect to the axle!
• Battery accepts a charge from tow vehicle (If tow vehicle is properly equipped).
• Indicator Module in the toolbox to indicate battery status, tow vehicle brake control output, trailer light status
and indication of a charge to the battery. INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE!

• All trailers are bead blasted and electrostatically primed and painted with a two component
polyurethane primer and two component polyurethane topcoat. PPG Industrial Grade.
• 9 standard paint colors at no extra charge with all Midsota™ models.
Compare our features, options and value against the competition
and we’re confident you’ll choose Midsota™.