Hydraulic Dump Trailers

Farm Series Dump Trailer

The Midsota™ Farm Series Dump Trailer: Your Farm’s Most Reliable Workhorse

Farmers, meet your new ally – the Midsota™ Farm Series Dump Trailer. We’ve crafted this trailer specifically to meet the demands of farming, ensuring it’s your key to streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and delivering unmatched reliability.

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Why Opt for the Farm Series?

  1. Elevate Efficiency: Featuring a high-performance hydraulic power-up and power-down system, the Farm Series simplifies your workload. Load, transport, and unload crops and materials with precision and speed, drastically reducing time and effort.
  2. Unyielding Reliability: We’ve engineered this trailer to withstand the rigors of farm life. It’s built for durability, capable of handling heavy loads, rough terrain, and the unpredictable elements, ensuring you have a trusty partner year after year.
  3. Tailored to Your Needs: We understand that farming is diverse, and so is the Farm Series. Offering customizable options and various size configurations, it’s designed to fit your unique requirements.
  4. Steadfast Stability: Dual tandem axles provide stable weight distribution, ensuring you have control even when transporting bulky loads. No more worries about imbalanced weight distribution.

Elevate Your Farming with the Midsota™ Farm Series Dump Trailer

Whether you’re transporting crops or handling farm supplies, the Farm Series empowers you to manage your farm tasks efficiently and reliably. Choose excellence for your farm.

Experience the Farm Series Dump Trailer – Redefine Your Farming!

Contact us today for in-depth information on how the Midsota™ Farm Series Dump Trailer can revolutionize your farm operations. Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide a customized quote aligned with your farm’s unique needs. When it comes to farm trailers, choose the best – choose Midsota™!


  • 5 Year Frame Warranty

Color Options

Not exact color match. Contact your local dealer for color samples.

  • Standard Black
  • Optional Red
  • Optional Orange
  • Optional Gray
  • Optional Blue
  • Optional Yellow
  • Optional JD Green
  • Optional Safety Green
  • Optional Dark Green


  • 55" x 10 (14k)
  • 72" x 10 (14k)
  • 72" x 12 (14k)
  • GVWR (lb.)
  • 55" x 10 (14k) 14400
  • 72" x 10 (14k) 14400
  • 72" x 12 (14k) 14400
  • GAWR (lb./axle)
  • 55" x 10 (14k) 7000
  • 72" x 10 (14k) 7000
  • 72" x 12 (14k) 7000
  • Curb Weight
  • 55" x 10 (14k) 2300
  • 72" x 10 (14k) 2500
  • 72" x 12 (14k) 2800
  • Payload
  • 55" x 10 (14k) 12100
  • 72" x 10 (14k) 11900
  • 72" x 12 (14k) 11600