Removable Fenders on Car Haulers


The Sure-Trac Difference

You pour your blood, sweat, and tears in to the project car of your dreams. Protecting your investment is not only your priority, but also ours. Part of that mission is ensuring that their is always easy access to your vehicle when loading. Nothing is worse than seeing a ding appear on a car door when its opened a little to wide and nicks the trailer fender. The Removable Fender is our solution and is available as standard or an option on all Sure-Trac Car Haulers. Removing the fender prior to loading makes it easy to enter and exit your vehicle, eliminating stress and possible damage in the process. Check out the video below as Shaun goes over the Removable Fender.


Sure-Trac Trailers that feature the Removable Fender as standard or an option

C-Channel Car Hauler

Steel Deck Car Hauler

Tilt Bed Car Hauler