Hydraulic Dump Trailers

HVO Series Dump Trailer

The Midsota™ HVO Series Dump Trailer: Your Ultimate Heavy-Duty Hauling Partner

Get ready to elevate your hauling endeavors with the Midsota™ HVO Series Dump Trailer. This dynamic trailer is your ticket to enhanced efficiency, unwavering power, and unmatched reliability.

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Why Opt for the HVO Series?

  1. Supercharge Productivity: The HVO Series boasts a cutting-edge hydraulic power-up and power-down system, streamlining your work. Load, transport, and unload materials with precision and speed, effectively minimizing downtime.
  2. Engineered for Endurance: This trailer is purpose-built for enduring the toughest loads and harshest conditions, ensuring it remains your trusty companion for the long haul.
  3. Tailored to Your Needs: Your projects vary, and so does the HVO Series. Offering customizable options and diverse size configurations, it’s designed to cater to your specific requirements.
  4. Unwavering Stability: Dual tandem axles ensure even weight distribution, providing superior stability and control, even when you’re fully loaded. Say goodbye to concerns about imbalanced weight distribution.
  5. Safety at the Forefront: At Midsota™, we prioritize safety. The HVO Series is equipped with reliable brakes and lighting, granting you peace of mind as you work.
  6. Built to Last: This trailer isn’t a one-and-done solution; it’s engineered for the long term. Our customers expect strong, durable trailers – so we use a thorough prep process and high-quality industrial-grade finishes designed to protect your trailer.

Elevate Your Hauling Game with the Midsota™ HVO Series Dump Trailer

From construction sites to landscaping projects, the HVO Series empowers you to handle your work with unparalleled efficiency and unwavering reliability. Don’t settle for mediocrity when excellence is at your fingertips.

Unleash Your Potential with the HVO Series Dump Trailer – Experience the Power!

Reach out to us today for comprehensive insights into how the Midsota™ HVO Series Dump Trailer can revolutionize your operations. Our team is readily available to address your queries and provide a tailor-made quote perfectly aligned with your distinct needs. When it comes to heavy-duty hauling, choose the best – choose Midsota™!


  • Self-Adjusting Electric Brakes
  • 16" Crossmember Spacing
  • Tuck Under Ramps & Carriers
  • Poly Toolbox
  • Power Up / Gravity Down Pump
  • Scissor Hoist Lift
  • No Exposed Wiring
  • Midsota Exclusive Indicator Module
  • 5 D-Ring Tie-Downs
  • Tarp Ready
  • Stake Pockets
  • 5 Year Frame Warranty

Available Options

  • 8K, 10K and 12K Axle Upgrade
  • Hydraulic Tongue Jack
  • Fold Down Sides
  • Mesh Ramps
  • Roll Tarp
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Contact your local dealer for more options

Color Options

Not exact color match. Contact your local dealer for color samples.

  • Standard Black
  • Optional Red
  • Optional Orange
  • Optional Gray
  • Optional Blue
  • Optional Yellow
  • Optional JD Green
  • Optional Safety Green
  • Optional Dark Green


  • 16' (15.4k)
  • 18' (15.4k)
  • 20' (15.4k)
  • GVWR (lb.)
  • 16' (15.4k) 15400
  • 18' (15.4k) 15400
  • 20' (15.4k) 15400
  • GAWR (lb./axle)
  • 16' (15.4k) 7000
  • 18' (15.4k) 7000
  • 20' (15.4k) 7000
  • Curb Weight
  • 16' (15.4k) 5450
  • 18' (15.4k) 6070
  • 20' (15.4k) 6690
  • Payload
  • 16' (15.4k) 9950
  • 18' (15.4k) 9330
  • 20' (15.4k) 8710